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    LAPP-S/A cable: M12 connector on M12 socket 工業級電腦連接線 5-pos. connector

    商品編號: LAPP-SA-M12-M12-5P

    LAPP-S/A cable: M12 connector on M12 socket 工業級電腦連接線 5-pos. connector

    Sensor/actuator cable: M12 connector on M12 socket

     Cost saving because of quick and easy installation; Space saving because of compact dimensions; Fast and easy error tracking; Standardized interfaces

    Application range

    • Automation technology
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Plant engineering
    • Tool shop
    • Automotive industry


    Part number Article designation Length in m Nominal voltage UN in V Nominal current IN in A Status display PU   
    Straight connector on straight socket
    22260410 AB-C5-M12MS-0,3PUR-M12FS 0.3 60 4 No 1
    22260411 AB-C5-M12MS-0,6PUR-M12FS 0.6 60 4 No 1
    22260412 AB-C5-M12MS-1,0PUR-M12FS 1 60 4 No 1
    22260413 AB-C5-M12MS-2,0PUR-M12FS 2 60 4 No 1


    • Permanently flexible control cable
    • Design: 5 x 0.34 mm² (42 x 0.1 mm)
    • Conductor colors brown, white, blue, black, green/yellow
    • Outer sheath: PUR, halogen-free
    • Sheath color black

    Product features

    • 5-pos. connector
    • Plug design with M12 thread on socket with M12 thread
    • Drag chain suitable
    • The cables have marker carriers
    • Free of substances which would hinder coating with paint or varnish