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    LAPP-UNITRONIC® BUS Profibus® PA- Stationary PA (Process Automation)100 Ohm

    商品編號: LAPP-UNITRONIC-BUS-Profibus-PA-Stationary

    LAPP-UNITRONIC® BUS Profibus® PA- Stationary PA (Process Automation)100 Ohm

    UNITRONIC® BUS - Profibus DP cables are designed for field networks requiring fast, cyclic data exchange between controllers and field devices. Automation devices such as PLCs, PCs, HMI devices, sensors or actuators can communicate via this bus system.

    Recommended Applications:
    Factory, Process and Building Automation field networks.

    Application Advantage:
    • High performance EMC shielding
    • Designed to profibus user Organization (PNO) standards
    • Quick connect option for fast IDC connector termination
    • Suitable for RS-422 and RS-485


    Solid and stranded bare copper conductors; specially designed foil/tinned copper braid shielding; multiple jacketing options for specific applications including PE, Halogen-Free, Quick Connect PVC, TPE and PVC.
    Stationary BUS Cables
    Standard put-ups are 164ft, 328ft, 1640ft and 3,280ft. Bulk reels can be cut to length.

    Minimum Bend Radius: 5 x cable diameter
    Temperature Range: -30°C to +80°C
    Nominal Voltage: 100V
    Test Voltage: 1500V
    Character Impedance: 100 Ohm +/- 20 Ohm
    Nominal Capacitance: 15 pf/ft
    Color Code: Red/Green
      UL: - CMG
        - PLTC
          - 600V AWM 20201
      CSA: - CMG


    Part Number Jacket Conductor Description Jacket Color Nominal
    Outer Diameter
    inches mm lbs/mft kg/km
    Flexible Profibus PA (Static Install)
    2170834 PVC 18 AWG/ 1 pr Blue 0.291 7.4 50 75
    2170835 PVC 18 AWG/ 1 pr Black 0.291 7.4 50 75
    Quick Connect- Profibus PA (Static Install)
    2170334 PVC 18 AWG/ 1 pr Blue 0.315 8.0 69 103
    2170335 PVC 18 AWG/ 1 pr Black 0.315 8.0 69 103
    Armored Profibus PA (Static Install)
    2170248 PVC 18 AWG/ 1 pr Blue 0.437 11.1 95 141

    * 2170248- UL/CSA Pending