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    LAPP-UNITRONIC® BUS Foundation™ Fieldbus 100 Ohm BUS Cable for Static Applications (Process Automation)

    商品編號: LAPP-UNITRONIC-BUS-Foundation-Fieldbus

    LAPP-UNITRONIC® BUS Foundation™ Fieldbus 100 Ohm BUS Cable for Static Applications (Process Automation)

    UNITRONIC® BUS - FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus cables have been specifically designed to meet the hazardous demands of the industrial and process control environment. Using a distributed architecture where the control is in the devices themselves, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus integrates low-speed sensors and actuators with high-speed controllers and servers in a single system.

    Recommended Applications:
    PLC and DCS controllers, Transmitters, Mag meters, Vortex meters, analyzers, Valve positioners, Process instrumentation.

    Application Advantage:
    • Designed for use in Class I, Div 2 intrinsically safe areas (blue jacket)
    • Can withstand temperatures up to 105ºC
    • Highly flame resistant (CSA - FT4)
    • Oil and UV resistant
    • Highly flexible for ease of routing


    Stranded bare copper conductors; XLPE insulation; foil shielded pair with an overall flexible tinned copper braid shield (90%); (Welded corrugated copper armoring also available); yellow PVC jacket (or blue for intrinsically safe applications).
    Standard put-ups are 164ft, 328ft, 1640ft and 3,280ft. Bulk reels can be cut to length.

    Minimum Bend Radius: 15 x cable diameter
    Temperature Range: -25°C to +105°C
    Nominal Voltage: 300V
    Test Voltage: 1500V
    Character Impedance: 100 Ohm +/- 20 Ohms
    Nominal Capacitance: 20 pf/ft
    Color Code: Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow
      UL: - CMG
        - PLTC
      CSA: - FT4


    Part Number Conductor Description Jacket Color Nominal
    Outer Diameter
    inches mm lbs/mft kg/km
    3 Core Un-Armored
    2170350 18 AWG/ 1pr & 1c Yellow .311 7.9 62 93
    3 Core Armored
    2170351 18 AWG/ 1pr & 1c Yellow .484 12.3 122 182
    2170353 18 AWG/ 1pr & 1c Blue .484 12.3 122 182
    2 Core Un-Armored
    2170352 18 AWG/ 1pr Yellow .311 7.9 55 82