1. LAPP- Control Cabinet Single Cores工業級連接線
    LAPP- Expanded ambient temperatures-1工業級超柔耐熱連接線
    LAPP- Expanded ambient temperatures-2工業級超柔耐熱連接線
    LAPP- ÖLFLEX® Conveyor technology工業級連接線
    LAPP- ÖLFLEX® Harsh use conditions 工業級連接線
    LAPP- Servo applications- power drive systems
    LAPP-Building Installation
    LAPP-ÖLFLEX® Harnessed cables 1
    LAPP-ÖLFLEX® Harnessed cables 2
    LAPP-ÖLFLEX® Power chain applications
    LAPP-OLFLEX®-Power and Control Cables -Wide range use(PVC halogen-free)
    LAPP-OLFLEX®-Power and Control Cables -Wide range use(PVC)
    LAPP-Servo applications - power drive systems approved
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    LAPP-Servo harnessing according to SEW® 伺服器控制線


    LAPP-Servo harnessing according to SEW® 伺服器控制線

    Servo harnessing according to SEW®

    Servo motors, resolvers and encoder cables for fixed installation or application in power chains; Outer sheath makes them particularly suitable for use in industrial areas

    Application range

    • Plant engineering
    • Servo drives and Servo harnessings


    Part number Length in m SEW item designation Static Highly flex. Number of cores and mm² per conductor Copper index kg/km Further dimensions PU   
    Motor cables
    70430251 10 05904544   4G 1,5 880 other lengths available 1
    70430250 10 13324853   4G1,5+3x1 1510 other lengths available 1
    Harnessings for signal transmission systems
    70430249 10 13324535   6x2x0,25 695 other lengths available 1
    70430252 10 1995405   6x2x0,25 718 other lengths available 1


    • Design according to specific drive systems:
    • Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2


    • Further versions and lengths can be delivered quickly.


    • For the highly flexible version, please observe the assembly guidelines for cables in power chain systems.
    • Maximum length of the cables must agree with the manufacturers' instructions of the servo drives
    • Afterwards the Technical Data of the used cables