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    LAPP-OLFLEX®-Power and Control Cables -Wide range use(PVC)
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    LAPP- ÖLFLEX® SY  工業級連接線 H05VV5-F

    商品編號: LAPP-OLFLEX-SY

    LAPP- ÖLFLEX® SY 工業級連接線 H05VV5-F

    ÖLFLEX® SF  


    Application range

    • Especially suitable for domestic appliances, electrical power tools and various handyman tools
    • H05VV-F cable types may not be used on commercial premises, with the exception of offices.
    • Not for permanent outdoor use.


    Technical Data

    Core identification code
    Coloured acc. to VDE 0293-308, see appendix T9
    Starting at 6 cores: Black with white numbers
    Specific insulation resistance
    > 20 GOhm x cm
    Conductor stranding
    superfine wire (0.07 mm single wire diameter)
    Minimum bending radius
    Occasional flexing: 10 x cable diameter
    Fixed installation: 4 x cable diameter
    Rated voltage
    U0/U: 300/500 V
    Test voltage
    3000 V
    Protective conductor
    G = with protective conductor GN/YE
    X = without protective conductor
    Range of temperature
    Flexing: -15°C up to +60°C
    VDE tested
    Type H05VV-F acc. to VDE 0281-5, starting at 6 cores: based on VDE 0281-5


    • Superfine strands of plain copper wire with an individual wire diameter of 0.07 mm
    • PVC core insulation, cold resistant
    • PVC outer sheath, cold resistant orange (RAL 2003)

    Product features

    • Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2
    • Highly flexible also during usage at low temperature
    • Design and geometry in compliance with harmonisation document