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    LAPP-EPIC-H-D8   EPIC® H-D 8  H-D 8 crimp termination

    商品編號: LAPP-EPIC-H-D8

    LAPP-EPIC-H-D8 EPIC® H-D 8 H-D 8 crimp termination

    When we talk about secure connections, you can take us at our word. EPIC® industrial connectors produce an absolutely secure connection in combination with ÖLFLEX® cables. We provide the right contact for all your needs: From rectangular or circular connectors, to housings, inserts, contacts and accessories, bus or fibre optic cable applications.


    EPIC® H-D 8

    Inserts of the connector series H-D are designed for applications in which a high number of contacts are required.

    Application range

    • Machine and apparatus construction
    • Control technology

    Technical Data

    Rated voltage in V
    IEC: 24 V (AC)/60 V (DC) metal housing
    250 V thermoplastic housing
    UL: 250 V
    Rated impulse Voltage
    2.5 kV
    Rated current in A
    IEC: 10 A UL: 10 A
    Number of contacts
    Termination methods
    Crimp termination: 0.14 - 2.5 mm²
    Cycle of mechanical operation
    Range of temperature
    -40°C - +100°C, temporary up to +125°C

    VDE-REG.-No. 437
    Pollution degree
    Part number Part Version Type Contacts Pieces / PU   
    H-D 8 crimp termination
    11252500 H-D 8 SCM male machined 1 - 8 10
    11253500 H-D 8 BCM female machined 1 - 8 10