1. LAPP- Hook up Wire-電子線
    LAPP- ÖLFLEX® TRUCK SPIRAL ABS 拖 卡車等使用螺旋繞曲可伸縮用電線
    LAPP- Special applications工業級連接線
    LAPP-Automotive Primary Wire-汽車用電線
    LAPP-Field Bus and Industrial Ethernet Cable (工業級乙太網路)
    LAPP-High Temperature Flexible Control Cable (耐高溫移動式電纜)
    LAPP-OLFLEX®-Oil Resistant Flexible UL/CSA Control Cables
    LAPP-Pendant & Reel Cable 耐拉式天車電纜
    LAPP-SOLAR-Power and control cables 太陽能用(電力線 / 控制線)
    LAPP-Torsional Robotic Cable(可扭轉式機器人用線)
    LAPP-UNITRONIC-Continuous Flex Data Cable (長效性耐彎曲訊號資訊線)
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    LAPP-UNITRONIC® Sensor 300V PUR, Continuous Flex, Industrial Communication Cable

    商品編號: LAPP-UNITRONIC-Sensor

    LAPP-UNITRONIC® Sensor 300V PUR, Continuous Flex, Industrial Communication Cable

    The UNITRONIC® SENSOR cables are designed for sensor/actuator interconnect applications. Constructed with very fine stranding and a tear and abrasion resistant polyurethane jacket, UNITRONIC® SENSOR provides superior service life in harsh environments with outstanding resistance to most oils, solvents and coolants.

    Recommended Applications:
    Photo Electric, Instrumentation, Capacitive and Inductive Sensors

    Application Advantage:
    • Highly flexible construction for ease of routing in tight spaces
    • Excellent cut-through and abrasion resistance
    • Outstanding oil, solvent and coolant resistance
    • Round geometry facilitates liquid- tight installation per IP 67 or NEMA 6


    Super fine stranded bare copper conductors; Polypropylene insulation; dry lubricant; halogen-free PUR black jacket
    Standard put-ups are 328ft, 1640ft, and 3,280ft. Bulk reels can be cut to length

    Temperature Range: +80°C
    Nominal Voltage: 300V
    Conductor stranding: Super Fine strands in accordance with DIN VDE 0295 Cl.6
    Color Code :

        7038867: 1-Brown, 2-White, 3-Blue, 4-Black, 5-Gray
        7038868: 1-White, 2-Brown, 3-Green, 4-Yellow, 5-Gray, 6-Pink, 7-Blue, 8-Red
        7038864: 1-Brown, 2-Blue, 3-Black
        7038865: 1-Brown, 2-White, 3-Blue, 4-Black
        7038866: 1-Brown, 2-White, 3-Blue, 4-Black, 5-Gray
    Approvals: UL: AWM 20549


    Part Number Number of Conductors Nominal
    Outer Diameter
    inches mm lbs/mft kg/km
    24 AWG (0.25mm2)
    7038867 5 0.185 4.7 23 34
    7038868 8 0.228 5.8 34 50
    22 AWG (0.34mm2)
    7038864 3 0.181 4.6 20 30
    7038865 4 0.181 4.6 27 40
    7038866 5 0.197 5 30 44