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    LAPP-OLFLEX® CRANE 2S Pendant Cable with Two Steel Supporting Elements 天車及捲線器專用耐拉附鋼索垂吊式電纜

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    LAPP OLFLEX CRANE 2S Pendant Cable with Two Steel Supporting Elements 

    OLFLEX® CRANE 2S is a PVC insulated and jacketed cable for connecting control panels. This cable contains two special torsion-free steel supporting elements integrated in parallel on both sides of the outer jacket, which absorbs the resulting tensile load during operation. The tensile strength is 2100 N and allows free carrying installation up to 150 meters (492 feet) in length.

    Recommended Applications:
    Suitable for outdoor use and as self-supporting shaft cable. This is not an elevator cable.

    Application Advantage:
    • Jacket is weather resistant and flame retardant
    • Cable is flexible even at colder temperatures with slide wrap between cores and outer jacket
    • Contains double carrying security members for connecting control panels

    Finely stranded bare copper conductors; PVC insulation; textile wrap; black PVC jacket. Two steel supporting members parallel on opposite sides of the jacket.

    Minimum Bend Radius:   20 x outer diameter
    Temperature Range:   -15°C to +70°C
    Nominal Voltage:   300/500V  
    Test Voltage:   3000V
    Conductor Stranding:   Superfine wire per VDE 0295, Class 6, IEC 60228 Cl.6
    Color Code:  

    Black with white numbers plus a green/yellow ground

    Approvals:   Based on VDE 0250

    Part Number Number of Conductors
    includes ground
    Outer Diameter
    inches mm lbs/mft kg/km
    16 AWG
    0027503 8 0.587 14.9 232 345
    0027504 12 0.638 16.2 295 439
    0027505 20 0.791 20.1 453 674

    ÖLFLEX ® CRANE 2S 天車及捲線器專用耐拉電纜

    ■ 產品特性
    • 兩條無扭力自承鋼纜,承載運行中產生的張
    力,其抗拉強度高達 2100N,在空載安裝
    中懸掛距離可達 150 米
    • 此電纜非電梯用電纜

    ■ 國際認證 CE, ROHS

    ■ 應用範圍
    • 適用於連接控制器或須依靠電纜承載之場合
    • 可安裝在乾燥或潮濕的室內或潮濕的工業環

    ■ 電纜結構
    • 多股細絞成束裸銅絲導體
    • 特殊 PVC 芯線絕緣
    • 特殊編織材料包覆,以增加芯線和外護套之
    • 特殊 PVC 外護套
    • 兩條無扭力自承鋼纜

    ■ 技術參數
    按黑色芯線白色數字編號(VDE 0293)

    額定電壓 U0/U : 300 / 500 V
    測試電壓 : 3000 V

    導體結構 :
    VDE 0295 / IEC 60228 第6 類導體,採用
    最小彎曲半徑 : 20 x 電纜外徑

    移動安裝:- 15° C 至 +70° C