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    IGUS-CF99 -TPE高柔性移動式銅網隔離控制电缆

    商品編號: IGUS-CF99

    IGUS-CF99 -TPE高柔性移動式銅網隔離控制电缆








    最小弯曲半径为: 4xd


    Chainflex® CF99 control cable TPE



    1. Extremely highly flexible special alloy
    2. Braiding in layers with extremely short pitch
    3. Gusset-filling, pressure extruded
    4. Extremely highly flexible special shield made of alloyed wires
    5. With pressure-extruded TPE blend

    • For heavy duty use and especially small radii up to 4 x d
    • TPE outer jacket
    • Overall Shield
    • Oil-resistant
    • bio-oil-resistant
    • PVC-free/halogen-free
    • low-temperature-flexible
    • Hydrolysis-resistant and microbe-resistant


    Classification of the Chainflex® cable:
    Class 7.4.4
    7: Cables for continuous movement in E-Chains® for ultimate heavy-duty use with smallest radii, indoor and outdoor applications, for radii from 4 x d, speed up to 10 m/s and over
    Travel distance:
    4: unsupported and sliding up to 400 m and above
    Resistance to oil:
    4: Oil-resistant according to EN 60811-2-1, resistant to organic oils in line with VDMA 24568 with Plantocut 8 S-MB from DEA


    Chainflex® CF99 control cable TPE
    Cable design :   可選擇
    Protection cable : without protective conductor
    Outer diameter [mm]: 5.5
    Copper index [kg/km]: 13,5
    Weight [kg/km]: 33
    Part No. : 可選擇
    Note: The mentioned external diameters are maximum values and may tend toward lower tolerance limits.


    Temperature range moving -35 °C to +90 °C, minimum bending radius 4 x d
    Temperature range fixed -40 °C to +90 °C, minimum bending radius 3 x d
    v max. unsupported/gliding 10 m/s, 6 m/s
    a max. 100 m/s²
    Length of travel Short, very fast applications with small radii and
    tight installation space, Class 4
    UV-resistant high
    Nominal voltage 300/300 V
    Test voltage 1500 V
    Oil Oil resistant (according to DIN EN 60811-2-1), resistant to organic oils
    (according to VDMA 24568 with Plantocut 8 S-MB tested by
    DEA), Class 4.
    Halogen-free According to EN 50267-2-1.
    Silicon-free Free from silicon which can affect paint adhesion (following PV 3.10.7 – status 1992).
    conductor Conductor made of highly flexible special alloy
    Core insulation Mechanically high-value TPE mixture.
    Core stranding Cores stranded in one position in short pitches.
    Core identification Colour code in accordance with DIN 47100.
    Inner jacket TPE mixture suited to the requirements in E-Chains®.
    Entire shield Highly flexible, alloyed special shield. Cover about 70% linear, about 90% optical.
    Outer jacket Low-adhesion, especially abrasion-resistant and highly bending-resistant mixture in TPE base suited to the requirements in E-Chain® systems.
    Colour: dark-blue (similar to RAL 5011)
    CE Following 2006/95/EG
    Lead-free Following EU guideline (RoHS) 2002/95/EC
    Cleanroom According to ISO Class 1. Outer jacket material corresponds to CF9.15.07, tested by IPA according to standard 14644-1
    Typical application areas
    • for heavy duty use at 4 x d
    • Virtually unrestricted oil resistance, even against organic oils
    • Indoor and outdoor applications, UV-resistant
    • especially for short, very fast applications with small radii and tight design space
    • automatic insertion machines, automatic doors, clean room, very quick handling