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    HWang-JS/JM series JUPITER CABLE REELING DRUMS 水平拉伸型電纜線收回捲線器

    商品編號: HWang-J-Cable-Reels

    HWang-JS/JM series JUPITER CABLE REELING DRUMS 水平拉伸型電纜線收回捲線器


    Horizontal Retrieve
    JS/JM series reels are designed to provide a low cost solution to longer horizontal retrieve applications. A horizontal retrieve application is when the reel is mounted on the moving equipment and winding in and paying out cable into a tray or other support.

    Spring Drive Or Torque Motor Drive
    In the JS series reels, winding torque is provided with one or more parallel design spring motors. The JM series reels utilise a torque motor/gear reducer to drive the spool.

    Random Wrap Or Monospiral Wrap Spools
    Both the JS and JM series are available with either random wrap or monospiral wrap spools.

    JS/JM Reel Capabilities
    Metreel JS/JM series reels have retrieve capacities of up to 150m of cable end feed and 300m centre feed at a velocity of 60m/min and an acceleration of 0.3m/sec². (Please check with our Sales Department for longer travel distance possibilities with certain cables).


    All steel construction
    Safetychange spring cartridges for safe, easy spring changes (JS series only)
    Parallel spring design (JS series only)
    Modular self-contained slip-ring assemblies
    Dust and watertight chain case
    Heavy duty chain drive with tension adjustment and oil bath lubrication
    Dust and watertight slip-ring enclosure

    In addition to being modular and self-contained, our slip-ring assemblies are available in 35, 75, 125 and 200 amp capacities at 600v a.c or 250v d.c. Each unit runs on its own set of bearings to ensure precise alignment of rings and brushes.
    All assemblies are equipped with terminal strips for quick and easy electrical connection.

    Brushes are held in place using our unique brush tension fingers permitting quick brush removal while ensuring correct brush tension.

    Collector Covers
    Removes quickly for inspection or service by virtue of 3 toggle clamps. An O ring seal provides a water-tight, dust-tight seal suitable for any type of atmosphere.
    Modular Slip-Ring Assemblies
    The entire slip-ring assembly can be replaced as a unit if necessary. No need to handle small parts. To remove, merely disconnect wiring and loosen two set screws on the shaft locking collar.
    Simple Cable Entrance
    A positive, water-tight connector is provided at the shaft where the cable enters the spool area. Cable feeds easily through the hollow shaft for termination within the slip-ring enclosure. Connections made at one point only.
    Optional Limit Switches
    These optional switches are mounted inside the dust-tight, water-tight chain case. The rotary limit switch can be used to provide a signal to the moving equipment that the cable is fully extended or recovered, avoiding overtravel or undertravel conditions.


    JS Series Spring-driven cable reels are equipped with Safetychange spring cartridges. The Metreel spring system includes a unique free-wheeling hub that allows for simple spring pre-tension.

    The hub is designed to clutch in one direction and free-wheel in the opposite direction which allows pre-tensioning of spring motors while the cable is connected. It also protects the spring against overwind in the event of a broken or severed cable.
    The hub simply de-clutches and free-wheels under this condition.

    All springs are contained in disposable cartridges for easy handling and quick safe replacement. Springs are simply replaced by loosening 4 bolts and removing pawl and pawl springs from the free-wheeling hub and replace with a new cartridge. On multiple spring designs, each spring is clutched to the spring shaft. In the event of one spring failure, the other springs will maintain tension on the cable.

    Steel Springs
    All springs are made of high quality spring steel. Most springs are equipped with hinges at both ends to reduce stress at mounting points ensuring maximum life. All springs are enclosed in disposable
    Safetychange housings, and are lifetime lubricated prior to sealing.
    Free Wheeling Hub
    Unique free-wheeling spring hub design allows for easy cable installation and spring tension adjustment. Also protects spring motor in the event that the cable is severed.
    Safe, Simple Spring Tension Adjustment
    Merely remove inspection cover and pretension spring as shown on nameplates. No need to disconnect cable or disassemble reel. Tension spanner provided with each reel.
    Designed With Safety In Mind
    Safetychange spring motor located outboard on frame for easy accessiblity – power spring sealed in throw-away disposable housing. Spring motor is replaced as a unit, with no need to handle loose springs or remove reel from its mounting. All multi-spring reels are equipped with an inspection hole for visually checking integrity of spring without removing spring motors while reel is in service.

    All Steel Chain Case
    All steel chain case is dust-tight, weathertight with sealed prelubricated bearings. Chains are equipped with adjustable tensioners for smooth, trouble-free operation and are in a fully enclosed housing, operating in an oil bath to ensure long component life. The gearing arrangement differs in JM Series Reels to allow full utilisation of torque motor characteristics. The case is of similar construction in both JS and JM Series Models.

    Provide a reliable solution to the problems of reeling long lengths of cable at high duty cycle rates demanded by todays heavy industry. The torque motor is a specialised motor that can withstand a 100% stall, requiring virtually no maintenance. When driving an electrical cable reel, the torque motor is energised as long as the equipment is in motion. When the reel retrieves the cable, the motor continues to run to provide tension on the cable and match the payout speed. When the torque motor is off, a mechanical holding brake prevents the reel from unwinding.