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    PHC 並聯式電熱帶 / 並列加熱ケーブル Parallel Heating Cable

    商品編號: YEIDA-PHC

    PHC 並聯式電熱帶 / 並列加熱ケーブル Parallel Heating Cable



    Parallel Heating Cable 併聯式發熱帶 產品規格表


    鐵管外表接觸溫度( oC )
    Lron pipe outer Contact Temperature
    鋼內中空溫度( oC )
    Temperature inside the Hollow Steel
    室溫( oC )
    Room Temperature
    10 42 48 25
    20 48 58 25
    30 68 83 25
    40 80 100 25
    The heating wire and power cord are individually soldered every 0.5M to 0.7M. As a result, it become a continuous parallel heating belt.

    Every section of the wire works independently, Thus, no negative effect on the heating belts performance if one of the section overheated and lost connection.

    The output of heating wire should be controlled no bigger than the maximum capacity at 1000Watts of the temperature control machine. Length can be cut from 1m to 100m depending on the needs.

    Standard loads: 40W/m, 30W/m, 20W/m and 10W/m.

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