1. BLACKBOX-PDU (0U垂直式)電源分配器
    BLACKBOX-PDU 機架式電源分配器
    BLACKBOX-PDU 遠端控制電源分配器
    BLACKBOX-PDU 非機架式電源分配器
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    BLACKBOX-PSH8-S20-120V  Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 120 VAC, Single Circuit, 8-Outlet, 20-Amp

    商品編號: BLACKBOX-PSH8-S20-120V

    BLACKBOX-PSH8-S20-120V Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 120 VAC, Single Circuit, 8-Outlet, 20-Amp

    Remotely monitor, control, and report power for network equipment.


    Product SKU
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 120 VAC, Single Circuit, 8-Outlet, 20-Amp PSH8-S20-120V
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 208+ VAC, Single Circuit, 8-Outlet, 20-Amp PSH8-S20-208+V
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 120-VAC, 8-Outlet PSH8-D20-120V
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 208–240 VAC, 8-Outlet PSH8-D20-208+V
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 120-VAC, 16-Outlet PSH16-D20-120V
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 208–240 VAC, 16-Outlet PSH16-D20-208+V
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Vertical, 120-VAC, 20-Outlet, 20-Amp, Single Circuit PSV20-S20-120V
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Vertical, 208-VAC, 20-Outlet, 20-Amp, Single Circuit PSV20-S20-208+V
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Vertical, 120-VAC, 20-Outlet, 30-Amp, Single Circuit PSV20-S30-120V
    Elite Managed Power Controller, Vertical, 208-VAC, 20-Outlet, 30-Amp, Single Circuit PSV20-S30-208+V



    Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 120 VAC, Single Circuit, 8-Outlet, 20-Amp

    Quick Facts

  3. Gives you secure, remote metering and management of AC-powered rackmount devices via a Web browser or modem connection.


    Further Details

  5. Monitors equipment power and automatically notifies you of changes in current levels, temperature, and circuit breaker status.
  6. Constantly measures current consumption, temperature levels, and other factors.
  7. Notifies you via email, SNMP, or Syslog messages, and with audible alarms from the controller, when user-defined thresholds are exceeded.
  8. Includes one or two separate circuits of input feed handling capacity per circuit.
  9. Provides advanced circuit breaker protection.
  10. Total power control! Gives you remote individual outlet switching, on/off/reboot/default/load shed switching, as well as timed on/off/reboot switching.
  11. Offers true RMS current metering and reporting, so you accurately know current information for equipment that use different types of power supplies.
  12. Front-panel LED digital readout shows amps, kilowatts, volts, and temperature readings for each circuit.
  13. Report-generating capabilities. Outputs detailed records of current and power consumption, with graphs showing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly power histories.
  14. Four levels of access for authorized users plus full RADIUS dictionary support and LDAP, Kerberos, and TACACS security support.
  15. Secure Shell (SSHv2) encryption and address-specific IP security masks help safeguard access to command and configuration functions.
  16. Supports full MIB and SNMP traps, so you can use any third-party software to globally manage servers, routers, and other equipment.
  17. Choose from horizontal or vertical controllers in single- and dual-circuit models and either 120-VAC or 208-VAC power.
  18. Expandable through its RJ-45 auxiliary ports. Link to three other power managers and control all four units under one IP address. Includes a DB9/RJ-45 adapter.
  19. Horizontal models include either (1) or (2) 15-amp removable power cords, depending on whether it’s a single- or dual-circuit model. If you plug the Controller into a 20-amp circuit, you will need 20-amp cords. Call our FREE Tech Support.
  20. Vertical models include either a 20-amp removable power cord or a 30-amp power cord hard-wired to the unit.
  21. Includes rackmounting brackets.
  22. RoHS compliant.
    This combination remote power manager, power switch, and PDU gives you advanced remote power monitoring and metering, as well as environmental monitoring capabilities, so you can ensure reliable and energy-efficient power for equipment in the data center.

    With today’s skyrocketing utility bills and the higher consumption caused by ever-increasing computing, you can’t afford not to keep a close eye on power usage and current levels in high-density data centers—particularly after hours.

    The Elite Managed Power Controller from Black Box gives you advanced power monitoring capabilities and more. As a power management and control solution, it not only distributes power to equipment at the rack, but it also enables you to check circuit status, voltage supply, and monitor current constantly on its circuits. You can also use it to measure and record kilowatt hour draw and to monitor individual outlet usage.

    Monitoring can be done over an IP link, an external modem, or a local terminal plugged into its RS-232 port. The power controller also features a 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX port for connecting it to a network.

    Check power and temperature levels remotely to pinpoint peak levels in data centers. Then, if necessary, remotely switch power on and off to individual outlets or groups of outlets (for dual-power servers, for instance).

    Go green and save power.
    Want to conserve energy in the data center at certain times of the day? Just set up time-delayed or scheduled shutdowns. You can use the Controller to turn off unused equipment during off hours and restart in the morning or when needed.

    Alarms triggered when power thresholds are exceeded.
    Just set clearly defined thresholds, and when they’re exceeded, the Elite Managed Power Controller immediately lights an LED and emits an audible alarm to alert anyone working nearby. But, even better, it can also promptly send an email or SNMP, Syslog, or text message to critical personnel off-site.

    Once notified, users can then remotely turn power on or off or reboot the affected network devices—all from the comfort of home or another distant location.

    Customizable alarms and automatic load shedding.
    Alarms can be generated by the Elite Managed Power Controller based on different events:
  23. When current or rack temperature exceeds your preset thresholds.
  24. When input voltage is lost.
  25. When there’s an open circuit breaker.

    Alarms can be set to go off at different times, too: When current consumption reaches a point that may warrant further investigation and when it reaches a level that’s close to the maximum consumption allowed.

    But what if you’re not there to respond when temperature and current rise to critical levels? Don’t worry. The Elite Managed Power Controller can be set up to respond on its own, intelligently shedding the current load by temporarily shutting down nonessential devices until readings show a return to acceptable levels.

    PING watchdog with auto reboots.
    The Elite Managed Power Controller can also be set to PING a specified IP address at specific intervals. If the IP address doesn’t respond, the power manager reboots or one or more outlets—just the sort of automated power up you need for mission-critical networks!

    It can also be set to watch for—and alert you to—login attempts on its 10/100 network and serial ports. If there’s a selected number of unsuccessful login attempts on those ports, the power controller disables the ports for a user-defined length of time, and informs you via e-mail of the possible intrusion attempt.

    You can also set up alarms in the event of loss of communication on the ports, too.

    In-depth power history reporting.
    The Elite Managed Power Controller can also generate power history reports to show total power usage on each circuit, information that’ll help you zero in on where you’re wasting power.

    Obtain historical data on unit temperature, current, and other power-related metrics. In rich, graphic detail, you can see and report spikes or drops in amperage, voltage, and temperature. Graph daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly power consumption data.

    These reports and graphs can then be forwarded to technical personnel anywhere in the world, so they know exactly what’s going on with their rackmount equipment.

    Easy to set up, control, and manage.
    The horizontal controllers come with two detachable 15-amp power cords. (If you plan to plug the controller into a 20-amp circuit, call our FREE Tech Support for a 20-amp power cord.) The 20-amp Vertical Controllers come with a detachable 20-amp power cord, and the 30-amp models come with a 30-amp hard-wired cord.

    To apply power, simply connect the detached power cables to the Elite Managed Power Controller’s Circuit power inlet(s), and install the included cable keepers (which are designed to keep power cables from being accidentally disconnected from the unit), then connect the cables to an appropriate power supply.

    The Elite Managed Power Controller can be controlled by a local PC (communicating with the unit via its serial port), by an external modem, or through a TCP/IP network. In Command Mode, you can communicate with the power manager using Telnet or SNMP, as well as a browser and an SSH client, in addition to a modem or local PC.

    Through the controller’s powerful management interface, you can designate groups of plugs that are dedicated to a similar function and that you’ll want to switch or reboot all at the same time. In addition, you can schedule reboots to automatically occur a selected time and day of the week.
  26. Technical Specifications for Elite Managed Power Controller, Horizontal, 120 VAC, Single Circuit, 8-Outlet, 20-Amp:

    CE Approval — Yes
    Circuit Breakers — (1) 20-A breaker or (1) 30-A breaker
    Inlets — (1) IEC 60320-C20 AC inlet per circuit;
    30-amp units are hardwired
    Maximum Load —  Per outlet: 20 A
    Switched Outlets — (8), (16) or (20) NEMA 5-20R
    Connectors — Auxiliary: (3) RJ-45 (for connecting to additional Elite Managed Power Controllers; can also be reconfigured as RS-232 serial ports);
    Remote port: (1) RJ-45 (for connecting optional Elite Managed Power Controller Display Unit);
    Serial console: DB9 M (RS-232);
    Network: (1) RJ-45 (10-/100-Mbps)
    Operating Environment — Temperature: 32 to 122° F (0° to 50° C);
    Humidity: 10 to 90%, noncondensing
    Power — Input: Either 100–120 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 100–250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, autosensing
    Size — 1.75"H (1U) x 19"W x 8.7"D (4.4 x 48.3 x 22.1 cm)