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    LAPP-HITRONIC® HYBRID FD P DESINA® 工業級超柔軟移動式光電混合 塑膠光纖


    LAPP-HITRONIC® HYBRID FD P DESINA® 工業級超柔軟移動式光電混合 塑膠光纖


    Standardisation bodies (DESINA®, PNO=Profibus User Organisation) have defined a standard hybrid cable with copper conductors and POF for equipment and assemblies in distributed machine and system applications that guarantees the data transmission via a fibre-optic cable and the supply of power from a remote source via copper conductors.; Combines the advantages of FD technology and optical fibre engineering


    Part number Article designation Number of cores and mm² per conductor Outer diameter mm Copper index kg/km Weight kg/km   
    2186001 HITRONIC® HYBRID FD P DESINA® 4 x 1,5 + 2 x POF 980 / 1000 10 ± 0,4 mm 57.6 135


    • Superfine strands of plain copper wires; PVC core insulation black with white printed numbers 1 - 4
    • Twisted together with 2 polymer optical fibres 980/1000
    • The protective cover /buffer tube directly over the step index fibre is made of black polyethylene (PE)
    • PUR outer sheath, colour: violet according to RAL 4001
    • Standard designation: J-2Y11Y2P 980/1000 220A 10 FFLiY 4x1,5 300/500V

    Product features

    • For the application described, Lapp Kabel offers the HITRONIC® HYBRID FD P DESINA®, which maintains the cable specification.
    • An increased resistance against oil, wear and tear and microbes is achieved by the polyurethane outer sheath
    • The polyurethane outer sheath is also halogen free, adhesion free and resistant against hydrolysis.
    • Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2