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    LAPP-EPIC® Data PROFIBUS Connectors REPEATER  工業用接頭


    LAPP-EPIC® Data PROFIBUS Connectors REPEATER 工業用接頭

    Part number Article designation Outgoing cable PG Pieces / PU   
    EPIC® Data PROFIBUS Connectors
    21700543 ED-PB-90-ATEX 90° No 1
    21700542 ED-PB-90-PG-ATEX 90° yes 1

    EPIC® Data PROFIBUS Connectors REPEATER  

     Very flexible in use; Increases the number of nodes; Cost saving because of quick installation; Easy to connect; No additional space needed in the cabinet

    Application range

    • Automation technology
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Plant engineering
    • Tool shop
    • Control engineering


    Part number Article designation Outgoing cable PG Pieces / PU   
    EPIC® Data PROFIBUS Connectors
    21700541 ED-PB-90-RP-PG 90° yes 1
    64 mm x 40 mm x 17 mm (LxWxH)
    Connection type
    approx. 40 g
    Outgoing cable
    Connection:    SUB-D socket, 9-pole PROFIBUS-cable:    4 terminals for wires up    to 1,0 mm² Protocol:   PROFIBUS DP per EN 50170
    Degree of protection
    Current consumption
    typ. 100 mA
    Transmission rate
    9.6 Kbit/s to 12 MBit/s autodetection
    Pollution degree
    Voltage consumption
    +5 V DC
    Permissble ambient conditions
    Surrounding air temperature:   0°C...+60°C Transport and storage temperature:   -25°C...+75°C


    • Sub-D plug, 9-pole
    • Metalized housing
    • 24 V supply is not necessary
    • Status LEDs
    • For cable diameter:   5.0 ... 8.0 mm

    Approvals (Norm references)

    • Sub-D connection / pin assignment in accordance with PROFIBUS

    Product features

    • Screwing connection
    • Can be used as a bus extension or spur line
    • 5 V supply direct from PROFIBUS, withthat it is usable on every PROFIBUS device
    • Repeater covers transmission rates from 9.6 KBit/s to 12 MBit/s
    • Transmission Rate--> max. segment length:     9.6 KBit/s     1000 m 187.5 KBit/s      1000 m   500 KBit/s        400 m     1.5 MBit/s      200 m       3 MBit/s       100 m     12 MBit/s       100 m