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    LAPP- Expanded ambient temperatures-1工業級超柔耐熱連接線
    LAPP- Expanded ambient temperatures-2工業級超柔耐熱連接線
    LAPP- ÖLFLEX® Conveyor technology工業級連接線
    LAPP- ÖLFLEX® Harsh use conditions 工業級連接線
    LAPP- Servo applications- power drive systems
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    LAPP-ÖLFLEX® Harnessed cables 1
    LAPP-ÖLFLEX® Harnessed cables 2
    LAPP-ÖLFLEX® Power chain applications
    LAPP-OLFLEX®-Power and Control Cables -Wide range use(PVC halogen-free)
    LAPP-OLFLEX®-Power and Control Cables -Wide range use(PVC)
    LAPP-Servo applications - power drive systems approved
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    LAPP-TRUCK adapters and cables 螺旋形 牽引機; 拖拉機 連接線

    商品編號: LAPP-TRUCK-Adapters

    LAPP-TRUCK adapters and cables 螺旋形 牽引機; 拖拉機 連接線

    TRUCK adapters and cables

    Application range

    • These spirals are used to connect tractor and trailer or semi-trailer
    • These adapters are necessary, if the trailers are equipped with different connector-systems


    Part number Article designation Sheath colour Copper index kg/km Weight kg/1000 pieces PU   
    ÖLFLEX® TRUCK adapter cables
    70274009 ÖLFLEX® TRUCK SPIRAL Adapterwendel,4m black 1166 2100 1
    70270251 TRUCK short adapter 15/7/7 24V S/N       1


    • 15pole cable coupler (female contacts) to 2x7pole cable connector (female contacts)1x2,5mm² + 6x1,5mm², black
    • Working length: 2.250 mm, Max. length: max. 4.000 mm
    • Insulation: core: PP, outer sheath: PUR


    • Other lengths and cable end versions on request
    • Afterwards the Technical Data of the used cables

    Product features

    • Designed according to ISO 6722
    • High number of cycles in the flexural fatigue test
    • High reset forces
    • Degree of protection: IP69k
    • Short adapter: 15pole plug (male contacts) to 2x7pole receptacle (male contacts)