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    Our electrical cable reels are computer designed and selected to ensure optimum capacity in all models. Six different frame sizes provide the base for hundreds of model combinations.
    Examine the many features ofMetreel spring-driven electrical cable reels and see the advantages to your industry.

    Safetychange Spring Motors
    • Modular Slip-Ring Assemblies
    • Dust and Water-Tight Slip-Ring
    • Enclosure
    • All-Welded Steel Construction
    • Spool Lock Mechanism
    • Parallel Spring Design

    These features represent the latest advances in the state-of-the-art design and are complemented byMetreels friendly sales and service staff.


    Simple, Positive, Cable Entrance:
    A positive, watertight connector is provided at the shaft where the cable enters the spool area. Cable feeds easily through the hollow shaft for termination within the slip-ring enclosure. Connections are required at one point only.
    Easily Removable Slip-Ring Cover:
    Removes quickly for inspection or service by virtue of the 3-toggle clamps. An O ring seal provides a watertight, dust-tight seal suitable for any type of atmosphere. Housings specifically designed for hazardous area (Class 1 and Class 2) are available for all models.
    Simple, One Piece Removal:
    The entire slip-ring assembly can be replaced as a unit if necessary. No need to handle small parts. To remove, merely disconnect wiring and loosen two set screws on the shaft-locking collar.
    Assures Even Winding In Multiple Layers:
    Edges of steel flanges on cable spool are die-formed to eliminate cable pile-up in corners. Segmenting of steel drum barrel permits adjustability of diameters. A slight change in cable size may be accommodated by the same reel with only minor field adjustment.
    High Quality Springs:
    AllMetreelsprings are made of high quality spring steel. Most springs are equipped with hinges at both ends to reduce stress at mounting points and ensure maximum spring life. All springs are enclosed in disposableSafetychange housings and are lifetime lubricated prior to sealing. When used on multi-spring reels, all springs are connected in parallel. In the event of one spring failure, the reel is never without tension, an important safety feature.
    Free Wheeling Hub for Spring Motor:
    Unique free wheeling spring hub design allows for easy cable installation and spring tension adjustment. Also, protects spring motor in event cable is severed.
    Safe, Simple Spring Tension Adjustment:
    Merely remove inspection cover and presentation spring as shown on nameplate. No need to disconnect cable or disassemble reel. Tension spanner provided with each reel.
    Designed With Your Safety In Mind:
    Safetychange spring motor located outboard on frame for easy accessibility – power spring sealed in throwaway disposable housing. Spring motor is replaced as unit, with no need to handle loose springs or remove reel from its mounting. All multi-spring reels are equipped with an inspection hole for visually checking integrity of spring without removing spring motors while reel is in service.
    Protected Gearing:
    Gears for reeling longer lengths of cable are protected from dust and moisture in sealed housing. External grease fitting permits lubrication of gears during service without opening enclosure. Various gear ratios are available to match specific reeling requirements.
    No Sweat, No Strain Gear Removal:
    Unique design permits gears to be changed without dis-assembly of major frame components. Simply remove the spring motor and its removable back plate to fully expose gears for fast, easy changeover.
    Rugged Frame Built To Last:
    All-welded steel frame is fabricated from permanent welding fixtures to assure perfect alignment. The design places major operating components outboard of the frame for ready serviceability. Six stage surface preparations and pre-clean followed by oven baked polyester corresponding to BS1710/1975.

    Fast, Easy Brush Replacement:
    Unique brush tension fingers permit quick brush removal while ensuring proper brush tension.

    Simple, Positive Spool Lock:
    Available as an accessory to facilitate cable changing. Permits cable change while reel is under full tension. When released, reel will rewind entire length of new cable.

    Superior Bearings:
    All bearings are self-aligning, anti-friction sealed and pre-lubricated for long and dependable life.


    340° Swivel Base:
    Heavy duty swivel base provides 340° rotation for applications where such rotation is needed to accommodate machine travel in anything other than a straight line.
    Roller Guide:
    Permits smooth, positive cable payout and retrieval for all applications involving small fleet angles.
    Vertical Lift Roller Guide:
    Used for vertical-lift applications when reel is mounted upright and cable payout is at small fleet angle.