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    ALPHA- MWP Military Grade • Braid Shield - Overall Awg18, 16 Multiconductor, 1000V PVC or PVC/nylon insulation, PVC 軍規銅網隔離訊號傳輸儀表控制電纜

    商品編號: ALPHA-M1704

    ALPHA- MWP Military Grade • Braid Shield - Overall Awg18, 16 Multiconductor, 1000V PVC or PVC/nylon insulation, PVC 軍規銅網隔離訊號傳輸儀表控制電纜


    Manhattan™ Control Cable
    1000 V Braid Shield, Multiconductor, PVC, PVC
    MIL-DTL-16878/2 and /18
    Conductors (Types C and C/N)
    UL VW-1

    For : Wiring of communications and instrumentation equipment.
            Excellent resistance to oils, acids, chemicals, flames and moisture.

    Operating Temperature
    • -55°C to +105°C
    Conductor Color Coding
    • Chart F (page 520)
    • Stranded tinned copper
    • PVC or PVC/nylon insulation
    • Tinned copper braid shield, 90% coverage
    • Slate PVC jacket
    100 ft (30.5 m)
    500 ft (152 m)
    1000 ft (305 m)
    Bulk, cut to length
    (Minimums may apply)

    Manhattan™ Electrical Cable

    Signal transmission made reliable

    Reliable, durable cable is the centerpiece of any electrical system and Alpha Wire’s Manhattan brand has been a trusted and reliable source of cable for over 60 years. Whether you need something as simple as a power cord or a cable which can maintain audio-video signal integrity in a noisy environment, you’ll find the breadth and depth of products to ensure an optimum solution to your application.

    Manhattan Electrical Cables Brochure

    Types of Manhattan™ Electrical Cable
    • Audio/Video

      From intercom systems to broadcast studios, our range of audio/video cable allows you to tackle the toughest needs easily and reliably.

    • Computer

      For precise signal transmission in computers and control applications, we offer the widest range of shielded and unshielded configurations.

    • Instrumentation

      With our broad product portfolio of single and multiple pair shielded and unshielded products, you’ll be able to satisfy any application in any environment.

    • Thermocouple

      You can find the perfect thermocouple cable based on conductor combinations JX, KX, EX, and SX, as well as insulations suited for applications up to 649°C.

    • Control

      We offer UL style TC in a variety of conductor counts, gauges, shielding options, all with durable PVC/nylon insulation and PVC jackets.

    • Plenum

      We offer a full range of cables for control, computer interconnections, security, alarms, and building energy management systems in a variety of plenum-rated insulations and jackets.

    • Coaxial

      For a complete range of 50, 75, 93, and 100 ohm coaxial, twinaxial, and triaxial cables, we offer a wide range of insulations and jackets meeting the requirements of military specifications and regulatory agencies such as UL and CSA.

    • Cords/Cordsets

      For consumer and industrial devices, business and communication machines, and medical and test equipment, our cords give you everything you need for reliable plugin power.

    • High Temperature

      Alpha Wire’s Manhattan brand of high-temperature cables are available for temperatures ranging from 150°C to 540°C.

    • Security & Data

      A complete product family of security and data cables, optimized for security video, data, and monitoring applications.

    Part #  Type Shielding Voltage AWG # of Elements


    Jacket Material


    Insulation Material


    Jacket Diameter
    M1704 Conductor BRAID 1000 18 4 PVC PVC 0.269 MIL-W-16878/Type C, UL VW-1
    M1705 Conductor BRAID 1000 18 5 PVC PVC 0.297
    M1706 Conductor BRAID 1000 18 6 PVC PVC 0.332
    M1708 Conductor BRAID 1000 18 8 PVC PVC 0.362
    M1710 Conductor BRAID 1000 18 10 PVC PVC 0.423
    M1712 Conductor BRAID 1000 18 12 PVC PVC 0.442
    M1714 Conductor BRAID 1000 18 14 PVC PVC 0.473
    M1716 Conductor BRAID 1000 18 16 PVC PVC 0.509
    M1764 Conductor BRAID 1000 16 4 PVC PVC/NYLON 0.324 MIL-W-16878/Type C/N, UL VW-1
    M1765 Conductor BRAID 1000 16 5 PVC PVC/NYLON 0.357
    M1766 Conductor BRAID 1000 16 6 PVC PVC/NYLON 0.39
    M1768 Conductor BRAID 1000 16 8 PVC PVC/NYLON 0.431
    M1772 Conductor BRAID 1000 16 12 PVC PVC/NYLON 0.532
    M1776 Conductor BRAID 1000 16 16 PVC PVC/NYLON 0.598
    M1779 Conductor BRAID 1000 16 19 PVC PVC/NYLON 0.636
    M1787 Conductor BRAID 1000 16 27 PVC PVC/NYLON 0.768