1. ALPHA-Manhattan™ Audio/Video Shielded Cable 隔離影音儀表傳輸用線
    ALPHA-Manhattan™ Audio/Video Unshielded Cable 影音儀表傳輸用線
    ALPHA-Manhattan™ Coaxial 同軸電纜
    ALPHA-Manhattan™ Computer Cable 電腦訊號傳輸線
    ALPHA-Manhattan™ Control Cable控制電纜
    ALPHA-Manhattan™ Cordsets 电源线/成套电源线
    ALPHA-Manhattan™ High-Temperature Wire and Cable高溫電纜線
    ALPHA-Manhattan™ Instrumentation Cable儀表傳輸控制電纜
    ALPHA-Manhattan™ Plenum Cable天花板隔層电缆
    ALPHA-Manhattan™ Security and Data Cable安全監控資訊傳輸電線
    ALPHA-Thermocouple Wire 熱電偶補償導線
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    ALPHA- MWP Instrumentation Cable• 600 V Overall and Individually Foil Shielded Multitriads, PVC/Nylon, PVC Awg 20, 18, 16, PVC-PVC Multitriads對型個別鋁箔隔離儀表控制電纜

    商品編號: ALPHA-M8844020

    ALPHA- MWP Instrumentation Cable• 600 V Overall and Individually Foil Shielded Multitriads, PVC/Nylon, PVC Awg 20, 18, 16, PVC-PVC Multitriads對型個別鋁箔隔離儀表控制電纜


    Manhattan™ Instrumentation Cable
    600 V Overall and Individually Foil Shielded Multitriads, PVC/Nylon, PVC
    UL TC
    Operating Temperature

    • -25°C to +90°C
    Conductor Color Coding
    • Black, white, red
    • White conductors are numbered
    • Stranded bare copper conductors
    • PVC/nylon insulation
    • Aluminum/polyester foil shield, 25% overlap min., on both
         individual triads and overall cable
         Foil facing inward Stranded tinned copper drain
          wire one even AWG size smaller than conductor
    • Black PVC jacket
    • UL Sunlight Resistant
    • UL Direct Burial
    100 ft (30.5 m)
    500 ft (152 m)
    1000 ft (305 m)
    Bulk, cut to length
    (Minimums may apply)

    Manhattan™ Electrical Cable

    Signal transmission made reliable

    Reliable, durable cable is the centerpiece of any electrical system and Alpha Wire’s Manhattan brand has been a trusted and reliable source of cable for over 60 years. Whether you need something as simple as a power cord or a cable which can maintain audio-video signal integrity in a noisy environment, you’ll find the breadth and depth of products to ensure an optimum solution to your application.

    Manhattan Electrical Cables Brochure



    Types of Manhattan™ Electrical Cable
    • Audio/Video

      From intercom systems to broadcast studios, our range of audio/video cable allows you to tackle the toughest needs easily and reliably.

    • Computer

      For precise signal transmission in computers and control applications, we offer the widest range of shielded and unshielded configurations.

    • Instrumentation

      With our broad product portfolio of single and multiple pair shielded and unshielded products, you’ll be able to satisfy any application in any environment.

    • Thermocouple

      You can find the perfect thermocouple cable based on conductor combinations JX, KX, EX, and SX, as well as insulations suited for applications up to 649°C.

    • Control

      We offer UL style TC in a variety of conductor counts, gauges, shielding options, all with durable PVC/nylon insulation and PVC jackets.

    • Plenum

      We offer a full range of cables for control, computer interconnections, security, alarms, and building energy management systems in a variety of plenum-rated insulations and jackets.

    • Coaxial

      For a complete range of 50, 75, 93, and 100 ohm coaxial, twinaxial, and triaxial cables, we offer a wide range of insulations and jackets meeting the requirements of military specifications and regulatory agencies such as UL and CSA.

    • Cords/Cordsets

      For consumer and industrial devices, business and communication machines, and medical and test equipment, our cords give you everything you need for reliable plugin power.

    • High Temperature

      Alpha Wire’s Manhattan brand of high-temperature cables are available for temperatures ranging from 150°C to 540°C.

    • Security & Data

      A complete product family of security and data cables, optimized for security video, data, and monitoring applications.

      Part # Type  Shielding Voltage AWG No OfElements


    Jacket Diameter 
    M8844020 Triad FOIL 600 14 2 0.648 CA Prop 65, UL DIRECT BURIAL, UL SUN RES, UL TC
    M8844040 Triad FOIL 600 14 4 0.755
    M8844080 Triad FOIL 600 14 8 1.026
    M8844120 Triad FOIL 600 14 12 1.238
    M8844240 Triad FOIL 600 14 24 1.738
    M8846020 Triad FOIL 600 16 2 0.583
    M8846040 Triad FOIL 600 16 4 0.677
    M8846080 Triad FOIL 600 16 8 0.918
    M8846120 Triad FOIL 600 16 12 1.104
    M8846240 Triad FOIL 600 16 24 1.488
    M8848020 Triad FOIL 600 18 2 0.501
    M8848040 Triad FOIL 600 18 4 0.614
    M8848080 Triad FOIL 600 18 8 0.832
    M8848120 Triad FOIL 600 18 12 0.996
    M8848240 Triad FOIL 600 18 24 1.336