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    Belden-NP232( 1307A,1308A,1309A,1310A,1312A,1313A)Brilliance Low Cap OFHC Speaker cables 無氧銅高端揚聲器喇叭 音響電纜線

    商品編號: Belden-1307A

    Belden-NP232( 1307A,1308A,1309A,1310A,1312A,1313A)Brilliance Low Cap OFHC Speaker cables 
    無氧銅高端揚聲器喇叭 音響電纜線

    To deliver clear precise sound, Brilliance® Low Cap Speaker
    cables are manufactured using OFHC conductors.
    Use of a polyolefin dielectric ensures a superior high frequency
    response at extended distances.

    Belden Brilliance Low Cap OFHC Speaker cables
    answer the pro audiophile's need for an
    indoor/outdoor/burial rated, high-end speaker
    cable with distinct performance and installation
    benefits. The cable's performance gains are realized
    through use of high purity, high conductivity
    oxygen-free copper conductors and a superior
    dielectric. Installers will benefit from easy
    identification/installation features such the
    sequential footage room and zone markings on the
    cable jackets and the cable's exceptional flexibility.

    Enhanced Sound Performance

    The copper conductors of Brilliance Low Cap OFHC
    Speaker cable have been manufactured using an
    upright shaft manufacturing process. The result
    of this process is a high-conductivity copper
    conductor that is inherently free of impurities.
    Exceptional sound clarity is achieved by using
    polyolefin insulation, a distinctly better dielectric
    than traditional PVC. The low capacitance of this
    insulation material provides the cable with
    a superior high frequency response, plus it enables
    extended distance runs.

    Construction Details

    Brilliance Low Cap OFHC Speaker cables have
    10, 12, 14 or 16 AWG bare copper conductors,
    polyolefin insulation and PVC jackets. The highly
    stranded conductors make these speaker cables
    extremely flexible; the inclusion of a PVC jacket
    adds another easy-install, high-flexibility
    dimension to the cable. The round, brightly
    colored and satin-finished PVC jackets also
    make the cables aesthetically pleasing.

    Easy Installation

    Easy installation features include the following:
    • Brightly colored jackets for easy identification.
    • Print legends that facilitate location
    indentification (Room 12345, Zone ABCDE)
    • Cable jackets with ascending/descending
    sequential markings at two (2) foot intervals.
    • Extremely flexible, easy-to-pull constructions
    (highly stranded conductors; PVC jackets)


    Call 1.800.BELDEN.1 for availability and
    delivery information.