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    Belden solar cables 太陽能線

    UL Type PV (Photovoltaic) UL 4703, 600V, -40°C to 90°C Product Description:

    Single conductor, insulated and non-integrally jacketed, sunlight resistant, photovoltaic wire rated for 90°C wet or dry,

    600V for interconnection wiring of grounded and ungrounded photovoltaic power systems as described in Section 630.31

    (And other applicable parts of the National Electric Code (NEC), NFPA 70). Ratings only apply to certain gage sizes.

    Electrical Characteristics: - Maximum Operating Voltage: 600 VRMS (UL PV)


    Physical Characteristics:

    - Temperature Rating: -40°C to 90°C

    - Conductor AWG: 18 to 8 AWG

    - Conductor Material: Soft Annealed tinned stranded copper

    - Separator: Paper Tape

    - Insulation Material: XLPE

    - Jacket Material: Sunlight-Resistant PVC

    - Min. Bend Radius: 8x Diameter


    Physical Characteristics (cont’d.):

    - Applicable Specifications:

    UL Type PV (overall) UL 4703 USE-2 Rated (14 AWG & Larger 600V) UL Type RHW-2 (90°C wet)

    (14 AWG & Larger per UL) ROHS Compliant CE - Flame Resistance: VW-1